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Shop Scandinavian furniture for Danish style sofas, minimalist beds, chic wood tables, sculpted chairs, and more. From the living room, bedroom, dining room, or office, the pieces here will make furnishing your home in Nordic or Swedish styles a breeze. Explore our store for iconic furniture reflecting the modern works of Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, and other Norwegian and Scandinavian designers.
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What is Scandinavian Furniture & Decor?

Scandinavian furniture features fluid contours and minimalist aesthetic. The Nordic design trend started in the mid-20th century and the movement promoted the idea that modern furniture should be easily accessible to the general public. Sofas and sectionals are characterized by a neutral color palette, which allows you to decorate with colorful pillows. Molded plywood or transparent fiberglass coffee tables are common options in the living room. The Scandinavian bedroom often features very low-profile platform beds - it is common to omit the headboard entirely. Hang some floating wall shelves to accessorize with your memorabilia. A cornerstone of the dining room is a rustic or finished wood table in minimalist form factor. Dining chairs will often be made of molded plastic with splayed wood legs or dark farmhouse chair to contrast with the dining table.

How to Design with Scandinavian Furniture & Decor

Scandinavian design is very light and neutral in color - a lot of white, beige, gray and natural wood tones. The goal is to establish a texture that is warm and cozy. Sheepskin rugs and throws are common for decorating both floors and chairs. Scandinavian furniture tend to be very low in height, even for those bulky pieces like sofas and beds. That means there's plenty of opportunities to be creative with your walls. You can use one large piece of art or a series of smaller art pieces hung in asymmetric layout. In lieu of wall art, you can also opt for woven wall hangings like macrame tapestry or an oversized wall mirror. Make sure to stay organized as the minimalist aesthetic of Nordic design requires it - use plenty of geometric bookcases, chic boxes, or sideboards to both tidy up and show them off as standalone contemporary furniture.

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