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  • 40 Ideas on How to Decorate a Hallway

    by Kimberly Que February 08, 2024 6 min read

    When it comes to home decorations, the hallway is often an overlooked space, yet it offers the first impression of your home's interior. Finding the right ideas on how to decorate a hallway can transform this transitional space into a standout part of your home. By choosing decor that fits your personal style and the overall theme of your home, you can give a plain hallway a complete makeover.

    Incorporating elements such as mirrors, rugs and art pieces are some fun entryway decor ideas to upgrade your home. The right choice of textures and materials can add depth and character to this often-neglected space. From wall art to strategic lighting, we'll explore 40 creative ideas on how to decorate a hallway in your home.

    1. Paint your hallway in a vibrant hue to create an energetic welcome

    hallway ideas
    Source: @gonen.design

    The power of color is undeniable, and using a vibrant hue in your hallway can instantly uplift the mood. For ideas on what color to paint your hallway, you can draw inspiration from our favorite living room paint colors.

    2. Install a gallery wall featuring a mix of your favorite artworks and photographs

    Your hallway is the perfect place to tell your story. Mix up frames with photos from your epic road trip, your granny's vintage portraits, and that abstract painting you fell for at a street fair.

    3. Place a large, ornate mirror to reflect light and add elegance

    Mirrors are just magical — they really open things up and make the hallway feel bigger and brighter. It's one of our classic tips on how to brighten a dark room.

    4. Use bold, patterned wallpaper to make a statement

    inside hallway
    Source: @gooseberrymoon

    From botanical patterns to geometric patterns, there are so many ways to make an inside hallway more vibrant.

    5. Hang pendant lights with unique designs for a stylish touch

    hallway lighting
    Source: @mmlighting

    Whether you choose a modern design or a classic pendant, pendant lamps can help light up your hallway while adding style.

    6. Lay down a colorful runner rug that adds warmth and texture

    hallway rug
    Source: @blesserhouse

    Choose a matching or contrasting runner rug to add coziness to your hallway and tie your space together.

    7. Choose a slim, vintage console table for character and functionality

    Rustic and antique-inspired consoles just have so much charm. A little table provides functionality, too — perfect for displaying mail or keys.

    8. Build some floating shelves to display decor and save space

    Thinking of storage spaces and ideas on how to decorate a hallway? Space-saving and chic, floating shelves are perfect for displaying small decor items or keepsakes.

    9. Add a series of hooks and a chic coat rack for practicality

    It's all about function with hooks and a coat rack. It’s nice touch to have a place to easily stash jackets and bags rather than having them in a messy pile.

    10. Incorporate greenery with flowers and plants decorative pots

    hallway plants
    Source: @hoops_and_home

    Plants just lighten up a space and refresh the air. Florals can also add more charm to your hallway if you’re going for a classic or bohemian vibe.

    11. Embellish your hallway with detailed crown molding for a classic look

    hallway style
    Source: @i.tam.i.tu

    Crown molding gives rooms such lovely defined lines. The details make it feel polished and elegant in a classic way.

    12. Adopt a minimalist decor theme for a clean, uncluttered entrance

    Running out of entryway decor ideas? Sometimes less is more. A clean, cleared-out space feels so open and fresh.

    13. Swap out generic hardware for custom pieces on doors and fixtures

    hallway decor
    Source: @madamstoltz

    One of our easiest hallway decorating ideas is to change out basic knobs for unique hardware. The new pieces really make it feel one-of-a-kind.

    14. Personalize the space with a display of family heirlooms or travel souvenirs

    Filling the space with meaningful memories really makes it feel more like a home, and you can also take a trip down memory lane.

    15. Use luxurious curtains to frame hallway entrances or alcoves

    Curtains definitely ramp up the luxury! They frame openings so nicely and add another layer of texture.

    16. Create a cozy reading nook with a built-in bench and bookshelves

    reading nook
    Source: @haleofahouse

    A little reading nest is such a charming extra spot — perfect for curling up with a good book and getting cozy.

    17. Introduce a dramatic floor design with contrasting tiles

    hallway style
    Source: @frmwrkstudio

    Looking for narrow hallway ideas? Contrasting tiles are a fun and simple way to add visual interest to a smaller space.

    18. Install smart sensors for lighting that adjust based on movement

    Functional and chic automatic lights can greet you as you approach but also conserve energy when no one is around.

    19. Hang a collection of antique mirrors to create a feature wall

    Thinking about how to decorate a hallway while adding light? A collection of different wall mirrors can add subtle glamour to your space.

    20. Use a monochromatic color scheme to elongate the hallway

    hallway decoration
    Source: @theverestplace

    Sticking to one color palette tricks the eye into seeing more space. It's a neat illusion!

    21. Incorporate a vintage rug for a touch of elegance

    hallway decor
    Source: @i.tam.i.tu

    An antique oriental rug can bring some history and character into your hallway, plus it’s meant to stand the test of time.

    22. Hang a modern art piece as a singular focal point

    hallway art
    Source: @adamhunter

    Find a standout piece that makes you stop and stare to highlight an area inside a hallway.

    23. Introduce texture with a macramé wall hanging

    macrame art
    Source: @nani.macrome

    One of the best bohemian or tropical home hallway decorating ideas is to hang a macramé piece. Woven wall tapestries are a boho accessory that adds tactile interest.

    24. Use recessed lighting for a subtle and sophisticated glow

    Recessed lights in your hallway provide just the right ambiance without being too harsh or glary.

    25. Display a sculptural piece that invites curiosity

    Find intriguing shapes that capture the eye and spark the imagination. Bonus points for it being a fun conversation starter!

    26. Add a small, chic bar cart for an unexpected twist

    hallway bar cart
    Source: @igorjosif

    Perfect for hosting cocktail nights, having a nightcap and adding a touch of glam, a bar cart or table is one of our favorite hallway decorating ideas!

    27. Place a statement-making chandelier for a touch of glamor

    Crystal drops shimmer and shine like glittering jewelry overhead. Pure opulence just when you need it most in your hallway.

    28. Incorporate a chalkboard wall for a fun, interactive element

    A blank slate for leaving notes or doodling as the mood strikes, a chalkboard puts the fun in functional hallway decor ideas.

    29. Place a stylish umbrella stand as a functional decor piece

    In search of more ideas on how to decorate a hallway? An umbrella stand is a convenient landing spot for wet things and adds a decorative touch.

    30. Create an arched ceiling for a touch of drama

    Architectural drama where you least expect it! The curve adds subtle flow and grandeur.

    31. Add a bench with storage areas for convenience

    Great for sitting but also for camouflaged storage, a bench in your hallway or entryway is a perfect fit.

    32. Decorate the wall with family photos

    Searching for more narrow hallway ideas? Filling your space with the smiling faces of loved ones offers memories that warm the heart each time you walk by.

    33. Add glass panels to let light in

    hallway decor
    Source: @casaoldcorn

    Make a small hallway appear brighter with panels that let in the light and jazz up your walls.

    34. Keep it elegant with marble floors

    marble decor
    Source: @julia_baya

    Whether you go for natural marble or a synthetic finish, marble floors look and feel like a million dollars.

    35. Create a floor-to-ceiling pattern

    hallway wallpaper
    Source: @purewhitelines

    Looking for unique hallway decor ideas? Using one pattern to fill up your hallway is definitely one way to make a style statement.

    36. Evoke warmth with a focus on wooden materials

    Nothing says cozy comfort quite like natural wood tones that age beautifully over time.

    37. Use striped rugs to make your hallway appear larger

    Wide lines draw the gaze and make you feel like you've got acres of space. It’s a great way to make your inside hallway look bigger than it really is.

    38. Have fun with tiles for a bohemian vibe

    Go for eclectic patterns and bright colors for a bit of pop. Each step you take in your hallway can transport you to faraway lands.

    39. Add vintage wall sconces for a vintage feel

    Brass accents can light the way like something from a vintage film set. Pure romance, no matter the era.

    40. Use a ladder to store blankets

    ladder shelf
    Source: @shelbyhjohnson

    One of the trendiest entryway decor ideas we’re seeing right now is wooden ladders. This turns a storage necessity into a design feature and utilizes vertical space elegantly while keeping thick throws handy.

    In summary, your hallway holds incredible potential for creativity and style. From bright paint colors to unique lighting and practical storage solutions, our hallway decor ideas can help inspire you to give your hallway a vibrant makeover. Ready to bring these ideas to life? Check out FROY's selection of furniture and accessories to find the perfect match for your home.

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