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  • Farmhouse Furniture & Decor

    What is Farmhouse Furniture & Decor?

    Introduce country living to your home with iconic pieces from our affordable farmhouse collection. In keeping with the pastoral imagery of this namesake style, many pieces in this collection have a weathered aesthetic that is both chic and casual. Distressed wood dining tables pair perfectly with classic Windsor chairs. The bar is a popular spot to design in farmhouse style - seat your guests in adjustable bar stools made with vintage steel parts and serve them with an age-worn bar cart. A tufted sofa with ornamental details in the living room can harness a sense of vintage appeal. A favorite of farmhouse style decor, a wooden bookcase with steel accents provide an old barn aesthetic. In the bedroom, choose a rustic bed frame with headboard crafted from unfinished wood to showcase the natural texture of timber. For organizing, you can rely on repurposed crates and antique dressers.

    How to Design with Farmhouse Furniture & Decor?

    When designing a room with farmhouse furniture, start off with ensuring that your articles maintain the earthy tones symbolic of the style. Outside of your rug, most pieces should be very neutral in color - beige, brown, white, and black. Farmhouse decor should feel roomy and expansive as if you were visiting a pastoral home with acres of land - thus, ensure that you space your furniture appropriately. When completed, the entire space should look and feel immediately nostalgic and homely. In order to accomplish this, choose a fabric couch or sectional with drapes covering the leg or with thick upholstered arm rests like a Chesterfield sofa. Layer many throw pillows and blankets on your bed to offset the rugged look of a rustic wood headboard. To further soften the look of your otherwise distressed room, consider a stonewashed light gray rug layered on top of a jute rug. For lighting, pick a more embellished lamp that isn't as minimalist and modern - chandeliers with outer steel bands are perfect.