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  • 40 Top Coastal Living Room Decor Ideas

    by Kimberly Que April 12, 2024 8 min read

    Creating a coastal vibe in your living room is a fun way to bring the relaxed atmosphere of the beach and surf culture indoors. Whether or not you live near the ocean, coastal living room decor uses key materials like driftwood, rattan, seashells and nautical accents to deliver a laid back yet stylish aesthetic.

    Painted light shades of blue, gray and aqua help set the scene, along with texture from sisal rugs and beach-inspired wall art. Decorative accents play a major part in capturing the essence of seaside living. From ropes, boat figurines, seashells, and colored glass and more, we'll explore our favorite coastal living room decor ideas below.

    1. Rattan, Wicker, or Cane Furniture

    Rattan is a strong, flexible vine that can grow in Southeast Asian countries, while cane is the thin layers stripped from the rattan plant. Rattan and cane are both often used in making coastal furniture that are sturdy and lightweight.

    Wicker refers to weaving materials, including rattan and cane, into furniture pieces. One of the main benefits of rattan, wicker, and cane furniture is their durability and resistance to fading, making them ideal for rooms with a lot of natural light

    From cane accent chairs to rattan coffee tables, you can add a casual, welcoming vibe to your coastal decor living room:

    • Hang a mirror above your wicker console/sofa table to maximize light and create a sense of space — choose a mirror with a weathered or driftwood frame to add a coastal touch.
    • Opt for rattan lounge chairs topped with pillows with beach-inspired patterns like stripes and coral imagery.
    • Rattan coffee tables have a beautiful woven texture that adds warmth and character to a coastal home, especially when you place a terrarium or tabletop plant on top alongside decorative surf books.

    2. Shell or Sand-filled Jars and Glass Containers

    Get creative by mixing differently sized shells, stones or sand in each glass container for visual interest.

    3. Sea Shell or Driftwood Wall Art

    Hang several pieces of driftwood or sea sells on a rope in a staggered pattern for maximum charm, perfect for a modern coastal living room aesthetic.

    4. Use Outdoor Furniture Pieces Indoors

    Indoor coastal charm with outdoor furniture
    Source: @ballarddesigns

    Place a swing chair or outdoor bench indoors to create a coastal decor living room, blending the comfort of interior design with the airy feel of outdoor living.

    5. Woven Baskets for Storage

    Woven baskets in coastal living room
    Source: @veaandbean

    Woven baskets for storage can be crafted from various materials such as seagrass, rattan, wicker, water hyacinth, and bamboo, each adding its unique texture and charm to create an easy beach theme living room while keeping clutter contained.

    6. Neutral Upholstered Sofas and Chairs

    neutral upholstery in coastal home
    Source: @seanlitchfield

    Neutral upholstered sofas and chairs work wonderfully in coastal decor, as their calming colors like beige, white, and light gray effortlessly blend with various coastal palettes, while their plush upholstery invites you to relax and embrace the coastal lifestyle.

    7. Light Fixtures Made from Natural Materials, Like Woven Bamboo, Cane or Rattan

    The airy and natural look of bamboo, cane and rattan lets the light from the ceiling lamp gently permeate through. This looks particularly good with the patterned shadows cast by the lamp shade, which adds a gently texture to everything else in the room.

    8. Striped or Knit Throws

    Striped or knit throws draped over chairs or sofas lend a casually chic vibe and highlight colors evoking the ocean for your coastal inspired home.

    9. Coastal Blue or Sea Green Painted Walls

    We've recommended these living room paint colors before, but shades of blue (like Needlepoint Navy and Fantasy Blue) or shades of green (like North Sea Green) are perfect for coastal style living rooms. These shades of blue and green instantly transport you to a beach house living room. Darker shades add a calming and deeper atmosphere, while lighter hues can make a space appear more airy and inviting.

    10. Straw Hats or Beach Bags as a Functional and Decorative Wall Display

    These display functional accessories as pretty decor in your beach theme living room, adding a touch of authentic coastal charm.

    11. White Plantation Shutters

    Keep some panels open for a breezy, sun-drenched aesthetic that's quintessential for a beach house ambiance.

    12. Vintage Maps or Nautical Charts as Wall Art

    Vintage prints add old-fashioned maritime charm to your walls when displayed as art in a coastal living room.

    13. Coastal-Themed Pillows and Blankets

    Coastal-themed pillows and blankets tie in color and print references to waves, shells, and marine life into your decor scheme for your beach theme living room.

    14. Natural Wood Floors or Whitewashed Hardwood Floors

    Whitewashed hardwood floors in coastal home
    Source: @theclevergoose

    Bring in the casual ease of beachside style through relaxed neutral floors to anchor your modern coastal living room space.

    15. Beach-inspired Quotes or Sayings for Wall Art

    Beach-inspired quotes or sayings for wall art add a personal touch related to the tides, sand, and shore wherever they’re displayed in your living room. You can find inspo-quote art like this which add a young and vibrant appeal to your living room.

    16. Surfboard Wall Decor or Surf-inspired Pieces

    Surfboard decor in coastal living space
    Source: @inthefieldojai

    Surf’s up! A vintage surfboard or surf-inspired wall art adds the perfect finishing touch to your coastal living room. Check out this blog post on Cali surf shack decor for inspiration ideas on how to use surfboards in your design (hint: you can just learn one against the wall if you want to avoid hanging them).

    17. Driftwood Coffee Tables or End Tables

    Driftwood coffee or end tables imbue natural textures through your furniture with an organic, weathered look, especially coffee tables made with a live edge wood slab.

    18. Beach-themed Books and Magazines as Decor

    Tastefully stacking books about seaside destinations, beach living, coastal landscapes or seashell guides adds the finishing touch to your beach house living room.

    19. Beach-inspired Ceramic Accents

    Planters and vases help give your living room that coastal feel while bringing some green indoors.

    20. Hang Artwork Depicting Yachts or Beaches

    Hang oversized photos or artwork of beaches, yachts, and sailing to set the scene in your coastal living space. A great example is Emily Henderson's mid-century coastal credenza idea, which features several modular beach art pieces hung over a sideboard for great effect.

    21. Pastel Blue or Gray Painted Walls

    Are you trying to create the perfect base for your coastal living room designs? Choose a light, refreshing shade of blue or gray to reflect ocean skies while imbuing your room with a therapeutic and calming mood.

    22. Aqua, Blue or Sea Foam Green Accents

    Aqua accents in a coastal living room
    Source: @coastal_living

    Incorporate subtle pops of color through pillows or decorative pieces for a statement coastal decor living room aesthetic.

    23. Jute or Sisal Area Rugs in Natural Shades

    Sisal rug grounding coastal living space
    Source: @budgetblinds

    An off-white sisal or jute rug grounds the space and channels sandy shorelines underfoot with its textured, organic feel.

    24. Whitewashed Ceiling and Wood Beams

    A white-painted ceiling and exposed wood beams transport the mind to weathered beach cottages, reflecting light to make the space feel bright and beachy.

    25. Beach-themed Bar Cart with Coastal Cocktails and Glassware

    Beach-themed bar cart
    Source: @frontgate

    Place your coastal-themed glassware on a beautiful woven or rattan tray. This will add a natural texture and warmth to your bar cart while creating a beachy vibe, perfect for entertaining.

    26. Nautical Wall Decor Like Anchors and Ship Helms

    Anchor and ship helm nautical wall decor
    Source: @frankieandcoco

    Hanging a rope-wrapped anchor or a wooden ship helm on the walls brings to mind rocky coastlines and days out at sea.

    27. Use Sandstone and Terracotta Decor for Contrast

    Terracotta pottery adding warmth to coastal interior
    Source: @flowbylara

    Adding sandstone and terracotta decor elements is a brilliant way to introduce contrasting pops of color against the backdrop of blue and beige tones in coastal decor; consider incorporating sandstone sculptures, terracotta pottery, or decorative tiles for a touch of earthy warmth.

    28. Coral, Amber or Turquoise Throw Pillows

    Coral throw pillows on a coastal sofa
    Source: @hfcinteriors

    Mix bold shades and textures like linen, velvet, or grasscloth to complement beachy neutrals and accessorize your coastal decor living room.

    29. Hang a Hammock or Swing Chair for a Relaxing Nook

    Create your own coastal reading nook for lounging indoors or outdoors, perfect for enjoying a good book or a serene moment.

    30. Large-scale Coastal Photography Prints

    Incorporate oversized wall art or photography prints featuring beaches, ocean waves, and other landscapes to set the mood and add a captivating focal point in your beach theme living room. Apartment Therapy did a inspirational writeup on decorating with nautical-inspired art.

    31. Shiplap Walls in White or Aqua

    Aqua shiplap walls in coastal living room
    Source: @theclevergoose

    Shiplap walls in white or aqua give your space a rustic beach cottage feel. Covering an accent wall or the entire room with aqua shiplap (grooved wooden panelling) is a fun way to create a beach house living room.

    32. Add Artistic Elements from Other Nautical Cultures

    Consider incorporating Brazilian macramé wall hangings, Indonesian batik textiles, or Hawaiian-inspired wooden carvings to infuse your space with the rich and diverse coastal traditions of different regions.

    33. Indoor Plants or Palm Trees Bring a Touch of Tropical Greenery Indoors

    Indoor tropical plants in coastal setting
    Source: @theclevergoose

    Dracaena, spider plants, and ferns nestled in ceramic pots bring the lush feeling of a tropical oasis inside, enhancing the coastal atmosphere.

    34. Add Pops of Red or Orange Within Your Coastal Color Palette

    coastal pillows
    Source: @shopeverand

    Accent pillows or a throw blanket in a bright coral or rusty orange color adds warmth and pops against your lighter blue and white coastal shades, creating a vibrant contrast.

    35. Blue and White Checked or Striped Fabric Accents

    Blue and white fabric accents in coastal theme
    Source: @coastal_living

    Navy and white checkered pillows and curtains channel a classic coastal cottage vibe and complement the sea-inspired decor. Striped blue and white toile fabric on chairs adds a breezy texture.

    36. Oversized, Plush Cushions on the Floor for a Laid-back Beach Picnic Feel

    Plush floor cushions in coastal living space
    Source: @serenaandlily

    Plopping oversized pillows or ottomans on the floor provides the soothing feel of lounging on the beach, making for a perfect informal seating arrangement.

    37. A Gallery Wall of Beach Photography or Vintage Prints

    Gallery wall with beach photography
    Source: @mollyinmaine

    Arranging seashell prints or postcards in matching frames creates memories of your beach day and complements your coastal furniture ideas, providing a personalized touch to your living space.

    38. Natural Stone Accents

    Natural stone fireplace in coastal living room
    Source: @konstanthome

    Find ways to incorporate natural stone in your coastal living room, such as this stunning fireplace, to add an element of rustic charm and texture. Another idea is to just fill a crystal bowl with seaside stones inside (with other ornaments on top).

    39. Shell-encrusted Mirror

    Take a plain round or rectangular mirror and adorn its frame with an assortment of small seashells. Use a strong adhesive to attach the shells in a pattern or randomly, covering the entire frame to infuse your coastal living space with a unique, handcrafted touch.

    40. Coastal Scented Candles

    Choose candles with scents that remind you of the coast, such as ocean breeze, sea salt, or coconut. Place them strategically around the living room to create a relaxing coastal ambiance, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day or while entertaining guests.

    This collection of unique coastal living room ideas provides inspiration to craft a soothing, beachy aesthetic right at home. In essence, mix natural textures, light color palettes and nautical details to transport yourself to relaxed seaside living anytime. With these 40 unique coastal living room designs, you can easily achieve a breezy beach atmosphere in your home. Shop our selection of coastal living room decor and furniture on FROY to start crafting your beach theme living room!

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