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Shop rustic furniture to design the modern cabin of your dreams. As a rustic furniture store, we simplify the process of furnishing your home with solid wood tables, chesterfield sofas, bistro chairs, and more. The rich texture of wood grains, cast iron, and distressed metal offers a combination of organic and rugged characteristics. Our diverse and affordable pieces allow you to introduce rustic style decor to any interior design.
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What is Rustic Furniture & Decor?

Rustic furniture is a timeless fixture of interior design, featuring raw wood and other natural elements. Rustic tables, case goods and bed frames are often made of unprocessed timbers without veneers. The distressed wood offers an age-worn aesthetic that appeals to those seeking maturity in their design. Dining chairs are often accented with black steel bindings to induce a pastoral imagery. Rustic accent chairs and sofas often feature worn leather or tufted upholstery in a chesterfield style - they often include ornamental trims or traditional details. Rugs, pillows and poufs in rustic decor can range from intricately woven oriental patterns to natural or faux cowhide. Furnish your home in this bucolic style to create a warm living space that breathes life through the years.

How to Design with Rustic Furniture & Decor

Due to the versatility of rustic furniture, designing a room with them is often frictionless. For example, take a rustic dining table and pair it with white mid-century modern chairs for contrast. Match a solid wood bed frame with tribal patterned pillows and stone washed throw blankets to create an artist's dream loft. For added character, make sure to add some vintage pieces from your world travels - a Buddha statuette from Thailand, a Roman-style bust, or mandala tapestry from Tibet can provide a really personal touch to your rustic design. Avoid going overboard with pieces from the same style. Rustic furniture share many similarities with pieces found in farmhouse and industrial decor. If you only incorporate products from these style families, your space may look overly generic and manufactured. Don't be basic! When picking a color palette, keep in mind that rustic furniture pieces are already neutral in tone, so consider adding some vibrant colors for some life and energy.

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