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  • Top 50 Living Room Paint Colors with Examples

    by Kimberly Que August 28, 2023 9 min read

    We all know that finding the right color palette for your living room is a big deal. It sets the tone and vibe for your entire space for years to come. To help you choose the right option for your needs, we've found the best living room paint colors that designers love, and we can't wait to share them with you. Whether you're into bold and bright, keeping it chill with neutrals or going for that moody and dramatic look, check out these options below.

    Best White Paint Colors for Living Rooms

    Discover the myriad shades of white walls for your living room. With its timeless white living room walls offer versatility, enhance light and space, and serve as a blank canvas for limitless creativity.

    1. Snowbound

    Dreaming of a tropical getaway? Infuse coastal vibes into your living room with a warmer white like Snowbound SW 7004 from Sherwin-Williams, complemented by chunky throws and linen pillowcases. This soft white tone was Sherwin-Williams' September 2022 Color of the Month.

    2. Pure White

    Transform your beach house with a cool, pristine white like Pure White SW 7005 from Sherwin-Williams. Let the natural light shine, creating a serene oasis that mirrors the sun-kissed shores.

    3. French Canvas

    french canvas white walls for living room
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Add a touch of sophistication to your living room using French Canvas OC-41 from Benjamin Moore. This chic off-white with distinctive greenish-gray undertones is simply stunning!

    4. White Dove

    white dove living room walls
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Elevate your living room with Benjamin Moore's popular White Dove OC-17. This classic white complements rustic aesthetics and dark woods, embuing your home with a cozy vibe.

    5. Timid White

    timid white living room walls
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Don't be deceived by the name — Timid White OC-39 exudes understated elegance. Its luxurious cream tones make it a perfect match for any homeowner looking for the perfect warm white.

    6. Chantilly Lace

    chantilly lace white wall paint
    Source: @lizmariegalvan

    This Chantilly Lace 2121-70 white from Benjamin Moore is the best white paint living room color if you're going for farmhouse chic! From captivating built-in shelves to irresistibly plush furnishings, this home is a treasure trove of discoveries.

    7. Rock Candy and Pale Moss

    Uncover a vibrant home office concealed within this versatile living room, adorned with walls painted with Rock Candy SW 6231 by Sherwin-Williams. The pop of yellow in Pale Moss SW 9027 adds a delightful touch.

    8. Crisp Linen

    Paint a monochromatic masterpiece with Behr's Crisp Linen MQ3-13 for both your living room walls and floors, creating a harmonious and classic ambience. It's a true beige color and the paint features color fade protection.

    Best Gray Paint Colors for Living Rooms

    Embrace the magic of gray living room paint as your home's versatile foundation. From cool light grays to dramatic bolder charcoals, there's a perfect shade for every home and style.

    9. Gray Owl

    gray owl living room paint
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Meet the versatile Gray Owl OC-52 from Benjamin Moore, boasting a cool, crisp undertone. Picture your living room adorned with a pop of vibrant sunshine yellow for extra contrast.

    10. Metropolitan

    metropolitan gray wall paint for living room
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Discover modern sophistication with Benjamin Moore's Metropolitan AF-690, a chic gray boasting cool undertones. Embrace 21st-century elegance in your living space, beautifully complemented by white trim

    11. Stonington Gray

    Try one of Benjamin Moore's bestselling grays, Stonington Gray HC-170. This versatile silvery gray with neutral undertones is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in your living room.

    12. Decorator's White

    decorator's white gray wall paint color
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Elevate your space with Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White OC-149. A hint of cool gray adds a touch of sophistication to this classic white, making it effortlessly stylish. It pops against wooden floors, making it an ideal choice for neutral living rooms.

    13. Coventry Gray

    One of the best gray paint colors for living rooms, Benjamin Moore's Coventry Gray HC-169 is a steadfast medium gray featuring neutral undertones. This soft hue wraps your space in warmth and comfort.

    14. Mystical Shade

    Add a touch of intrigue to your living room with Mystical Shade SW 6276 from Sherwin-Williams. This gray with a subtle hint of purple adds a unique twist, creating a magical ambience.

    15. Urbane Bronze

    Experience serenity with Sherwin-Williams' 2021 Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze SW 7048. This brownish gray emanates both down-to-earth calmness and understated elegance, making it an exceptional choice for your living room.

    16. Sterling

    Looking for an elegant gray inspired by this gorgeous living room setup? Try Behr's Sterling 780E-3, a light gray reminiscent of patina-washed coins and burnished frames.

    17. Cracked Pepper

    cracked pepper dark gray wall paint
    Source: @stinadiane

    Infuse your living room with a unique dark gray using Behr's Cracked Pepper PPU18-1, a stunning shade that adds a striking contrast to retro decor.

    18. Down Pipe

    Farrow & Ball's dramatic lead gray shade, Down Pipe, graces the walls, ceiling, and woodwork of this living room, fashioning an intimate look brimming with irresistible charm.

    19. Carbon

    carbon black wall paint
    Source: @megancherepko

    Carbon from Behr is a captivating black with a deep sable undertone. This hue exudes a sense of mystery and sophistication like a starlit sky.

    Best Blue Paint Colors for Living Rooms

    Blue brings a sense of tranquillity to your home, evoking the serene essence of the sky and sea. It's a versatile hue that can range from vibrant to calming, making it a perfect choice to set the mood in your living room.

    20. Needlepoint Navy

    Transform your living room into an artistic haven with Needlepoint Navy SW 0032 from Sherwin-Williams. This classic muted blue sets a flawless stage for a gallery wall. If you're looking for a color that gives your wall a colonial revival aesthetic, consider the Needlepoint Navy paint.

    21. Gale Force

    For a bold backdrop or statement wall, introduce dramatic flair to your living room with Gale Force SW 7605, a deep stormy blue from Sherwin-Williams. It immediately sets a cooler, mature, and moody feel to your room.

    22. Wythe Blue

    wythe light blue wall color
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Wythe Blue HC-143 from Sherwin-Williams is a gentle blue-green with a touch of gray. It's an ideal living room paint color for a coastal vibe or a retro-modern aesthetic.

    23. Fantasy Blue

    fantasy blue living room walls
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Fantasy Blue 716 from Benjamin Moore is a beautiful light blue with a cool gray undertone. Pair it with white shiplap walls for a captivating combination!

    24. Van Courtland Blue

    van courtland blue walls
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Discover the versatility of Van Courtland Blue HC-145 from Benjamin Moore. This elegant Old World blue also works well with contemporary furniture. Enhance its charm by pairing it with timeless toile wallpaper.

    25. Blue Hydrangea

    blue hydrangea living room walls
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Embrace the spirit of spring with Blue Hydrangea 2062-60 from Benjamin Moore. This enchanting powder blue is the perfect match for a living room decorated with subtle hints of gold and luxurious accents.

    26. Ocean Air

    ocean air light blue walls
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Unwind in tranquillity with Ocean Air 2123-50 from Benjamin Moore. This pastel blue-green effortlessly infuses your space with serene, beachy vibes.

    27. Sublime

    Meet Clare's Sublime — a captivating, vibrant teal that offers a remarkable impact. This stunning hue is perfect for fireplace accents or creating statement walls in your living room.

    28. Make Waves

    make waves blue wall color
    Source: @kyrosedesigns

    Make Waves by Clare is a serene greenish-blue that mimics the play of ocean waves under sunlight.

    29. Stone Blue

    Stone Blue from Farrow & Ball is a warm and timeless hue named after the 18th-century imported indigo pigment. This shade pays homage to history and brings a rich, inviting touch to your space.

    Best Green Paint Colors for Living Rooms

    Green living room walls add an organic and therapeutic touch to your interior design. The darker tones are great for giving your room an ethereal, otherwordly appeal while the softer tones are ideal if you're looking for a lively backdrop.

    30. Evergreen Fog

    Introducing the chameleon-like Evergreen Fog SW 9130, Sherwin-Williams' 2022 Color of the Year. This versatile hue infuses your living room with calming freshness, especially when paired with plants. We love this serene green-gray with a hint of blue.

    31. Billiard Green (with Jazz Age Coral)

    Ready for an unexpected twist in your living room? Try pairing Sherwin William's Billiard Green SW 0016 on your ceiling with Jazz Age Coral SW 0058 on your doors. This combination gives off a chic, vintage look that will feel cozy and distinct.

    32. North Sea Green

    north sea green teal wall paint
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    We love this soothing teal, North Sea Green 2053-30 from Benjamin Moore! With a delicate gray undertone, this engaging hue takes on a moody yet enchanting quality.

    33. Olive

    olive olive wall paint
    Source: @a.modest.semi

    Farrow and Ball's Olive is a deep, earthy green that would be stunning in a panelled living room.

    34. October Mist

    october mist sage green walls
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Reminiscent of a flower's stem, this softly shaded sage (October Mist 1495 from Benjamin Moore) is both subtle and chic.

    35. Espalier

    espalier green wall paint
    Source: @home_ec_op

    Elevate your space with the lively and bold charm of Espalier SW 6734 from Sherwin-Williams. This vibrant green is the perfect choice for a ceiling that demands attention. It adds a touch of energy and freshness, transforming your room into a captivating oasis.

    Best Beige Paint Colors for Living Rooms

    Beige is one of the most popular living room paint colors, as it combines the warmth of yellow and earth tones with the serenity of white. Since beige is a neutral color, you don't have to worry too much about furniture colors - it pairs well with almost anything.

    36. Swiss Coffee

    Swiss Coffee 12 from Behr is a very light beige that infuses your living room with tranquil warmth.

    37. Garden Wall

    Garden Wall 730D-4 from Behr is a a serene gray-brown with a delicate olive undertone. This hue draws inspiration from lush mossy rocks and green flowerbeds.

    38. Cinnamon Tea

    cinnamon tea beige wall paint for living room
    Source: @karsynkdupree

    To fill your living room with warmth, Cinnamon Tea S200-2 from Behr is a mellow and meditative beige reminiscent of a comforting cup of warm and fragrant sweet tea.

    39. Malted Milk

    Meet Malted Milk SW 6057 from Sherwin-Williams. This timeless reddish neutral envelops your space with a hint of warmth and a dash of natural elegance, creating a welcoming and refined atmosphere.

    40. Polar Bear

    Introducing Polar Bear 75 from Behr. This off-white, aged parchment shade infuses your space with refined elegance, adding a touch of timeless sophistication to your living room.

    41. Matchstick

    matchstick beige living room walls
    Source: @kimberlydenman

    Matchstick from Farrow and Ball is a versatile and understated hue inspired by unbleached matchstick wood. Enhanced by a hint of black, this neutral timber color brings coziness to your home.

    42. Marry Me, Pink Canopy, and Coral Gables

    marry me, pink canopy, and coral gables pink wall paint
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Combine Benjamin Moore's Marry Me 1289, Pink Canopy 010, and Coral Gables 2101-40 to create subtle pink accents in your living room.

    Best Earth Tone Paint Colors for Living Rooms

    These earth tones evoke a sense of warmth and coziness, allowing you to easily match different decor styles in your living room. For a cohesive look, these shades are some of the best colors to paint a living room with brown furniture.

    43. Sturdy Brown

    Discover the rustic allure of Sturdy Brown from Behr. Inspired by wooded landscapes, this hue brings the soothing essence of nature indoors.

    44. Wild Mustang

    wild mustang brown wall color living room
    Source: Behr

    Experience the captivating allure of Wild Mustang N240-6 from Behr. This gold-infused brown radiates with the richness of mahogany and exudes a sense of quiet strength, adding depth to your living room. Wild Mustang was Behr's November 2021 color of the month.

    45. Maple Glaze

    maple glaze brown living room walls
    Source: Behr

    Maple Glaze PPU3-16 from Behr is a deep and inviting color that beautifully blends the warmth of orange with the grounded richness of brown, creating a perfect autumnal shade.

    46. Cinnamon

    cinnamon orange wall paint
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    A rich brown with subtle orange undertones, Cinnamon 2174-20 from Benjamin Moore is even better than your average neutral.

    47. Conch Shell

    conch shell pale pink walls
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Experience the nostalgic charm of Conch Shell 052 from Benjamin Moore. Its dusty peach allure adds a touch of vintage elegance to your space, capturing the essence of timeless beauty.

    Other Popular Paint Colors for Living Rooms

    While they may be more uncommon than more typical beiges and whites, why not go for a bold living room wall color like red or purple? These are some of the best living room paint colors for a fun and vibrant look.

    48. Hint of Violet

    hint of violet lilac wall paint
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    Add a whisper of color to your living room walls with Benjamin Moore's Hint of Violet 2114-60. The purple is in a very light shade, so use this paint color if you don't want too much color in your room.

    49. Raspberry Blush

    raspberry blush orange walls
    Source: Benjamin Moore

    The perfect summer shade, Raspberry Blush 2008-30 from Benjamin Moore is a delightful coral with a touch of pink.

    50. Cherry Cola

    Cherry Cola S130-7 from Behr is a vibrant burgundy that's as comforting and rich as a glass of your favorite fizzy drink.

    Now that you've had a look at the best living room paint colors for your home, why not browse Froy's curated collection of modern furniture for a seamless blend of color and style? From rustic, mid-century, coastal, or farmhouse vibes, we've got you covered.

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