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  • Top 40 Dining Room Lighting Ideas with Examples

    by Destiny de Guzman April 18, 2024 7 min read

    Beyond being a place to share meals, your dining room is where you can gather with family and friends — whether it’s to discuss your day or celebrate an event. Setting the mood with the proper dining room light fixtures can help make events even more memorable.

    Whether you’re enjoying a quiet meal or hosting a grand dinner, here are the best dining room lighting ideas for every occasion. Check out the latest lighting trends and play with various styles, types, designs, vibes, and dynamics to elevate your space.

    1. Hang a chandelier over the dining table

    By hanging a chandelier 30 to 40 inches above the dining table, it can help emphasize a dining room’s center, improving the aesthetic and providing a central source of lighting.

    2. Install geometric pendant lights to add dynamics

    Geometric chandelier over a dining table
    Source: @olivia.and.may

    A classic over dining table lighting idea includes pendant lights with geometric shapes, as it adds dynamics to your dining room. I like how different geometric patterns and shapes can amp up a simple dining area.

    3. Place LED strip lighting for a modern glow

    Create chill and cozy vibes in your dining room by adding LED strip lighting under your countertop or dining table. Get creative by changing the colors of the strip lights.

    4. Mount wall sconces to create ambient lighting

    More lights mean you have more options to illuminate your dining area. One of the benefits of wall sconces is that it's a great way to create more glow and ambiance in your space.

    5. Embed recessed ceiling lights for a clean minimalist look

    I like how recessed ceiling lighting gives a minimalist and neat look to your dining room. It’s a terrific breakfast room lighting idea that gives a clean and fresh aesthetic for your space.

    6. Set up industrial-style track lighting for flexibility

    Industrial track lighting gives flexibility when you need to adjust the direction of each individual light. Track lights can be used for either the kitchen or the dining area.

    7. Cluster Edison bulb pendants for a vintage industrial vibe

    Edison bulb pendants
    Source: @p.roject

    Clustering different styles of Edison light bulb pendants gives off a vintage industrial vibe for your dining room. Not only does it give ambient lighting, but it also has a chic style.

    8. Position sculptural floor lamps in corners for artistic lighting

    Artsy floor lamps give character to any room. You can opt for contemporary sculptures or more eccentric and eye-catching ones that match your dining room’s aesthetic.

    9. Arrange candelabras with real candles for a romantic atmosphere

    Candelabras with real candles
    Source: @amystormandco

    Candelabras in a dining room can give a soft, flickering glow that casts gentle shadows. This warm light makes the atmosphere more romantic, perfect for at-home dinner dates.

    10. Suspend rustic lantern-style pendants for an inviting glow

    Lantern-style pendant lights can be suspended to give your dining area a cozy inviting glow. I recommend wicker ones made out of rattan or bamboo.

    11. Choose globe pendants for stylish and soft lighting

    Globe pendants in the ceiling
    Source: @atomgrpltd

    From offering a timeless design to setting a captivating ambiance, there are many reasons to hang globe pendant lights in your dining room. Hang a mid-century modern globe light above your dining table to get a soft-yet-stylish look.

    12. Opt for adjustable arm pendant lights

    Adjustable arm pendant lights
    Source: @dazuma.us

    I would opt for a pendant light with an adjustable arm to give more flexibility. You can adjust the lighting to which part of your dining room you wish to highlight.

    13. Stretch linear suspension lighting above long tables

    Longer tables need uniform illumination. Linear suspension lighting can be stretched to fit the size of any long table.

    14. Use drum pendant lights to diffuse light across the dining area

    Diffuse light softly across your dining room by using drum pendant lights. Drum pendants can add a gentle and exquisite glow to any space.

    15. Feature a crystal chandelier to add a touch of elegance

    Classic chandeliers made of crystals add a touch of elegance. A great way to emphasize a vintage dining room is to feature a crystal chandelier in the middle.

    16. Incorporate sleek contemporary LED circle pendant lights

    Contemporary LED circle pendant lights above a dining table
    Source: @niadomenik

    I like how circular LED lights add a sleek contemporary vibe to a minimalist dining room. These lights give a professional and modern touch to your home.

    17. Enhance your Art Deco-inspired dining room with vintage lights

    Art Deco started in Paris in 1925, and I love how the curved patterns can help bring vintage vibes into a dining room. You can even match it with Art Deco-inspired walls.

    18. Hang metal pendants for a nostalgic retro feel

    Metal pendant lights add retro vibes to your dining room. Black metal is perfect to use on both kitchen and dining room lighting.

    19. Combine different lighting setups for customizable configuration

    Different lighting setups above a dining table
    Source: @arhaus

    I recommend combining linear suspension pendant lights and chandeliers. Feel free to experiment and customize your dining room with different types of lighting fixtures.

    20. Introduce Moroccan lanterns to add an exotic flair

    Moroccan lanterns over a dining table
    Source: @bethesouk

    Moroccan lanterns are not only for themed restaurants — they can also add an exotic flair to your dining room. The colors, shapes, and patterns can start conversations.

    21. Implement colorful lighting for more fun and character

    Colorful lighting over a dining table
    Source: @sashabikoff

    Who says that dining rooms should be boring? A modern dining room lighting idea you can do is play with bold colors and ambient lighting to add fun and character to your dining area.

    22. Utilize frosted glass pendant lights for a gentle glow

    Frosted glass is a great material to give soft and gentle lighting to your dining room. You can pair it with brighter LED ceiling lights to alternate depending on the mood.

    23. Adopt Scandinavian minimalistic designs for simplicity

    Scandinavian styles are a classic, and if you prefer a minimalistic style in your dining room, you can adopt simple pendant lights with lighter colors.

    24. Install Tiffany-style stained glass lighting accents

    If you prefer to add color and character to the dining room, install Tiffany-style stained glass lights either as a chandelier, table lamp, or floor lamp.

    25. Dangle bamboo or rattan woven pendants for a natural feel

    Bamboo/rattan woven pendants over a dining table
    Source: @palettehome

    Bamboo and rattan are great materials for woven pendant lights and they add a cozy, relaxed island or coastal vibe to your dining room.

    26. Assemble mason jar light fixtures for a charming DIY touch

    If you’re more into DIY projects, mason jar light fixtures are a great idea to showcase your artistic side. It also brings a homey vibe to your dining room.

    27. Apply under-cabinet lighting in serving areas or buffets for more visibility

    Counter-tops, cabinets, and buffet tables should be well-lit to see your meals better. Add LED lights in these areas to emphasize what the dining room is about — food.

    28. Choose flush-mount ceiling lights as a space-saving solution

    Flush-mount ceiling light
    Source: @rewirela

    A great option for smaller dining rooms is to use flush-mount ceiling lights or even hidden lights to make the space look bigger and still well-lit.

    29. Use sputnik or starburst chandeliers for a dramatic effect

    Sputnik or starburst chandeliers over a dining table
    Source: @jmyinteriors

    If you’re going for a dramatic effect, sputnik chandeliers are the best way to achieve it. Not only does it look great, but it also spreads light equally throughout the dining room.

    30. Go for antler or branch-inspired chandeliers to bring rustic charm

    Branch-inspired chandelier over a dining table
    Source: @ainsworthnoah

    Bring the outdoors to your dining room by installing branch-inspired chandeliers. You can also pair it with antlers and wooden furniture for a more rustic charm and character.

    31. Float candles above the dining table on special occasions

    Floating candles above a dining table
    Source: @ltk.home

    Not only for the spooky season, but floating candles above your dining table can give a magical ambiance. Different kinds of candles can be suspended in various ways.

    32. Put cage pendant lights to add an industrial or farmhouse touch

    Cage pendant light over a dining table
    Source: @soulandlane

    Enjoy comfortable dining with a cozy farmhouse touch using cage lighting fixtures. It can also amp up your dining room if you’re into industrial design.

    33. Add neon signs for a playful, modern aesthetic

    Neon sign next to a dining table
    Source: @meganhopp

    Neon signs are not only for restaurants — with the right catchphrase, you can turn your dining room into a playful and modern space for socialization.

    34. Layer lighting with a mix of sources at different heights for depth

    You can be playful when adding light fixtures with different heights, depths, and levels of illumination for your dining room. Dynamics are great for both style and function.

    35. Opt for glass cloche pendant lights for a lovely vintage look

    Glass cloche pendant lights
    Source: @loafhome

    Pendant lights that look like a glass cloche add an elegant and vintage look to your dining room. It can be paired with other types of glass pendants too.

    36. Use oversized lampshades as bold statement pieces

    Oversized lampshade over a dining table
    Source: @carlaypage

    Oversized floor lamps can add to your dining room’s overall style. The lamps themselves can serve as bold statement pieces and conversation starters.

    37. Weave fairy lights around the dining area for a whimsical effect

    Fairy lights around the dining area
    Source: @thevintageroom

    Fairy tales are for everyone. You can make your dining room more whimsical by weaving fairy lights on your walls and mirrors.

    38. Use spotlights to highlight artwork or dining area features

    Spotlights highlighting artwork
    Source: @thomaspheasant

    Direct the attention of your dinner guests to a wall painting by adding focusing lights around it. It’s also a great idea if you’re an artist wanting to showcase your work.

    39. Install copper pendants to create an inviting atmosphere

    Copper pendant over a dining table
    Source: @thewhitearrow

    Copper pendant lighting can give a warm and inviting atmosphere and it’s perfect for well-balanced dining rooms.

    40. Choose hand-blown glass pendants for artisanal elegance

    Hand-blown glass pendant over a dining table
    Source: @gamfratesi

    There's something special about hand-blown glass. The best way to showcase an artisanal pendant light is to add it to an already elegant dining area.

    In conclusion, the lights you choose for your dining area are still up to your overall style and aesthetic. We gave you several dining table lighting ideas and other tips to decorate and illuminate your whole dining room for yourself and your visitors. 

    Ready to put these dining room lighting trends to the test and be creative? Browse FROY’s lighting collection to find your perfect dining room pieces.

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