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Shop modern furniture to furnish your space with the latest trend-setting aesthetic inspired by New York City lofts. Defined by clean lines and monochromatic neutrals, our store's contemporary pieces can offer function and innovative visuals to your living room, dining room, bedroom, or office. Our affordable modern designs include a mix of form factors and construction, from upholstered sofas and minimalist tables to bold platform beds and wingback chairs.

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Features of Popular Modern Furniture

The modern look features sleek silhouettes with elegant curves. Void of ornamental details common in traditional furniture, contemporary pieces are often more minimalist in design. Modern sofas and sectionals lie lower and have firmer upholstery, providing clearance for visual space. Coffee tables typically focus on a single geometric shape and are constructed of unique materials like concrete or molded fiberglass. Lounge chairs are a highlight in modern interiors, often made of plush, comfortable cushioning with wingback or recliner design. Modern dining tables and chairs share similar characteristics with other contemporary furniture in terms of their simple design, allowing you to pair them with more rustic or embellished antique pieces for a well-balanced aesthetic. Bring home a piece of furniture from this collection to give your home an updated look.

How to Design with Modern Furniture

Due to the understated nature of modern design, they are very easy to decorate around. In fact, the best interior design would combine contemporary items with pieces from other design styles. For example, pairing a modern sofa and cocktail table set with tribal pillows and a Persian rug will add both cleanliness and artistry to your living room. Modern beds are particularly fun to decorate, since the clean design acts as a canvas for you to layer colorful, richly patterned pillows and throw blankets. Floating minimalist shelving can add a light essence where there was once a heavy bookcase, while soft statement pieces like hexagonal side tables contribute visual interest and direct the eye. Try to introduce different materials as the added layers of textures (wood, fabric, leather, etc.) will make your space feel warmer and more diverse.

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