What is this page?

We share your passion for great, modern design, so we make sure to pay close attention to the aesthetics and presentation of our storefront to make sure it is as pioneering and contemporary as our products. Our goal is to always be a responsible company. We dedicate this page to any artists whose contributions with Creative Commons license we've worked with.

Enough chatting. Let's get started!

We recently started using videos in place of the old-fashioned cover art (you know, the big images that slide after every few seconds and link to collections). Although traditional sliders with static cover art may make a comeback from time to time, we really like the new direction with video. It communicates a story and expresses a lifestyle that we never could with static images. We thank everyone (particularly those in web design) who emailed us your positive thoughts and feedback!

The current video includes cuts from:

"Winter" by Steven Allan / CC BY

"Lexington Home Summer Collection 2014" by Lexington Company / CC BY

"Brita Sweden II by Susanne Walström" by Snyder/Redux / CC BY

Additional Note

Unless specified on this page, content on is of our original creation, is provided by our suppliers/partners, or were purchased with standard license. Otherwise, they have Creative Commons license with freedom to share and adapt for commercial use. In the words of Creative Commons, "the licenses explicitly permit licensees to satisfy the attribution requirement with a link to a separate page for attribution information."

Note that certain contributors specifically waived even the need for attribution - though their names may not grace this page, they should know that we extend our full love and appreciation. Please reference the Term and Privacy pages for more information.

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